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Media Studies

Media Studies is offered as a KS4 option subject. This GCSE is designed to enable learners to develop a critical understanding of the role of mass media in society. The subject has a theoretical, academic side as well as a practical side; students will learn the technical terms needed to explore and analyse media texts as well as the skills involved in producing original creative work.

During the course students will be asked to consider:-

  • The language of media texts – and these languages can be visual as well as verbal
  • The way in which various media represent people and ideas
  • The expectations that various media have of their audiences
  • The way in which the media change and develop according to popular taste and commercial interest
  • The way that modern media is convergent (crosses different platforms e.g. a film has a poster, website and sometimes even a video game associated with it)

We follow the Eduqas GCSE Specification and the qualification is awarded on the completion of a controlled assessment brief set by Eduqas (30% of the final grade) and two externally assessed examinations (70% of the final grade) at the end of year 11.

Exam Board

For more information on the subject and to review the GCSE specification from the exam board please click here