Key Contact Details

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Subject Leaders


Mrs Hamilton-Reay English
Mrs Ghaboos-Owodally Maths
Mrs Adams Science
Mr Jackman History
Mrs Fulcher Art & Technology
Mrs Missonnet Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Ryan PE
Miss Pack Geography
Miss Holley Drama                             
Miss Want Music
Mr Faruk Business Studies
Miss Parker Media Studies / Philosophy & Ethics
Mr James Computing
Mrs Haine Health & Social Care
Head of Year    
Miss Hayes Head of Year 7
Miss Holley Head of Year 8
Ms Tompkins Head of Year 9
Mr Faruk Head of Year 10
Ms C Heartfield Head of Year 11
Miss Bartoletti 
Associate Assistant Headteacher Pastoral
Mrs Willis Year 7
Mr O'Brien Year 8
Ms Tompkins Year 9
Miss Barnett Year 10
Miss Kyte Year 11                   
Additional Key Staff Members                                                                                                        
Mrs Hake Admissions/Attendance
Mrs Minns Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Rockey SENDCO