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PHS Remote Learning

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for remote learning, here you will find all the relevant updates, timetables, extended learning and surveys for your use. Our Putteridge High School Remote Learning Summary and Provision, in line with the government's expectations, can be found by clicking here.

We’ve added videos with further information on important elements such as: top tips for well-being; where to go for pastoral concerns and extended learning at the bottom.

Google Classroom

Please find an information video link below regarding the transition to Google Classroom and how Guardian Summaries operates. 

For a guide on how to use Google Classroom and Guardian Summaries please see the document below:

google classom guardian summary guide.pdf


Our Remote Learning Timetables

Remote Learning Timetables - For the move to the New Build
There are four remote learning days to enable our staff to move all of their teaching resources over to the new build, 27th & 28th May and 7th & 8th June 2021. On these days, remote learning will be set for students to complete at home. Please see the remote learning timetables below for more information;


All work can be found on Google Classroom.

Below are the remote learning timetables that were available to students during lockdown.


Supporting your child with Remote Learning


We have put together a mini Guide with tips and strategies on how to support your child in getting the most out of their remote learning periods. Please click here to view.

To view the recent and upcoming changes to secondary schools from the Government please click here.

If you wish to know more about how to access google classroom, we have also added these videos exploring the platform in: Urdu, Bengali and Romanian.







Key Videos

The following videos provide additional information regarding: Top Tips for Wellbeing whilst working at home. How to contact our pastoral leaders during this time period and extended learning opportunities you may wish to explore for First Class learning and engagement.


For an additional list of well-being and extended learning activities, just Click Here



For details on how to contact the school / teachers and pastoral leaders please Click Here

Extended learning timetable


To access the Extended Learning timetable please click here

Self Isolation Timetable

If your child is self-isolating individually and not as part of a larger group, please access the self isolating timetable by clicking here. 

Survey links 

If you're a student and would like to respond to the remote learning survey please click here

If you're a Parent / Carer and would like to respond to the remote learning survey please click here

To read a summary of feedback on our latest Remote Learning Survey from Jan 21 please click here

Collaboration, Learning and Trust (CLT)

The mission of the CLT Learning Hub continues to be simple. We aim to bring together the best teaching and learning ideas in an accessible format to model teaching expertise and to guide, share and celebrate our work in the spirit of Collaboration, Learning and Trust. Through this Hub colleagues can access and contribute to up to date information, teaching and learning advice, strategies, resources, expertise and opportunities for professional development. Importantly this now includes the most current support and advice on Technology for Learning and Diverse Curriculums.