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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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English as an Additional Language

Most students will at various stages in their learning require additional support, some more than others. At Putteridge High school we ensure, that specific support is provided for those students for whom English is an additional language.

As a First CLASS school we do this effectively by ensuring the following:

  • First Class expectations of every child.
  • A child-centred approach to support and intervention.
  • Thorough communication with all stakeholders, especially the child and their parents with our EAL Parents Evening.
  • Evidence-based group intervention and an EAL programme.

A strong and experienced team of support staff lead our work in this area and liaise closely with other staff and school leaders to get the very best out of students where English is an additional language.

ACCESS PROVISION for our EAL students:

Specialist resources are provided for a range of languages across a variety of subjects and support in class or 1:1 intervention.

Functional Skills qualifications at different levels.

Community Languages GCSES.

Teachers are well informed of students’ individual language needs.

Identification process

The way we identify our students is critical because we want to ensure that First CLASS support is put in place.

  • We have an initial EAL testing (reading, writing and mother-tongue competence).
  • Effective communication between the child, parents and stakeholders.
  • First CLASS teachers and First CLASS support staff who are trained to work with students with English as an additional language.
  • Student observations.

First CLASS support

The way we support our EAL students ensures high achievements for them. We tailor our support based on their individual needs and abilities.

First CLASS expectations and ensuring that high-quality teaching is paramount for all teachers.

Regular professional development for teachers and teaching assistants to support the achievement of our students with English as an additional language.

Specially designed Extra English Programme which includes speaking and listening sessions, reading in the library and Literacy and Grammar lessons.

Young Interpreter Programme in order to support our community and parents.

EAL Parents Evening and effective collaboration with the child, parents and external agencies.

Functional Skills qualifications.

How do we evaluate ourselves?

Our Director of Literacy has regular Learning Walks and closely monitors our effectiveness of teaching for children with English as an additional language.

Termly attendance to the EAL Hub of all secondary schools around Luton/Bedfordshire/Local Authority.

Scrutiny of provision through internal and external audits as well as quality assurance reviews.

Our Functional Skills exam results are over 85% pass at Level 1 and Level 2.

Over 60% of students completing Community Language exams achieved a Grade 9.

What is our approach to teaching and what additional support is available for children with English as an additional language?

We have a First CLASS expectations for all children, including those with English as an additional language.

Our focus is always high-quality teaching and effective differentiation to meet the individual needs of all our students.

We offer different support around all year groups.

Induction Programme.

We provide 1:1 interventions, support groups and in class support, these have high levels of impact.

  • Library based extra Reading/Comprehension lessons.
  • Community Languages GCSE’s.

We also offer different activities for our children with English as an additional language.

  • EAL club at lunch time.
  • Homework club, games and different clubs in order to support learning and communications skills.

How do we support the emotional and social development of our children with English as an additional language?

  • Our EAL Co-ordinator is also trained in Mental Health and Counselling and Child Psychology, in order to give First CLASS support to our children.
  • We provide intervention groups which will focus on social communication and wellbeing.
  • Our Pastoral Team is available for all our children that need guidance and support.
  • Our EAL Parents Evening is specially designated in order to keep regular home school liaison. 


Our EAL Co-ordinator and EWO (Educational Welfare Officer) work closely together in order to successfully keep our First CLASS attendance at 97% and above for all our children.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

  • We support for college applications, college visits and Extracurricular visits.
  • We have our EAL Work Experience Information Day so we can support our parents and students.

How can you support your child at home?









If you require more information about our EAL department, you need extra information or you need any support please email us at: mpopa@putteridgehigh.org.

Alternatively staff can be contacted directly through the school on 01582 415791.