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The Science Department is characterised by a strong sense of enthusiasm for all science subjects and sharing that enthusiasm with our students. When students enter the laboratory, they are scientists and we develop the communication, enquiring, creativity and questioning skills that good scientists need. The science department have strong links to various Universities, including Cambridge, Bedfordshire and Reading, which provide students with a variety of opportunities to develop their scientific skills and aspirations.

Achievement in science has increased rapidly over the last three years, this has been achieved through staff sharing their enthusiasm and expertise, ensuring a diverse and engaging curriculum, developing an ethos to inspire all students to have a desire to enquire and investigate the world around them. We work closely with the Maths and English department to ensure that we use the same strategies for literacy and numeracy in science.

We have a strong focus on students planning, carrying out and evaluating experiments as well as the academic understanding of all the sciences.

The science department are passionate about their teaching and their students’ learning and supporting each individual to achieve their full potential.

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 science at Putteridge High School encourages familiarity of scientific concepts and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.  The curriculum follows the Pearson exploring science schemes of learning.

The students develop an understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer questions about the world around them. KS3 curriculum is aimed to equip students with the skills they will need for KS4 whilst fostering an enjoyment of the subject.

Students will be given access to online materials to support their studies through the Pearson active learn website, details will be given by the class teacher. Topics studied can be found below: 

  Year 7 Year 8

Human body systems

Movement and health


Variation in nature



Plant biology

Unicellular organisms


Particle and atomic models

Separation techniques

Particle and atomic models

Types of reactions

Periodic table

Rock cycle


Energy resources

Energy transfers

Electrical circuits

Forces (inc speed)


Heat transfer





Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 science at Putteridge High School follows the Edexcel 9-1 GCSE combined science scheme of learning.  The curriculum model follows a three year key stage 4 plan culminating in two science GCSE grades from six external examinations at the end of year 11.

It is highly recommended that students purchase an Edexcel science revision guide to assist with their studies and use this revision guide regularly, these can be purchased at a discounted rate through the school.

Topics studied in the key stage 4 curriculum are found below:

  Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

CB1 Cells and microscopes

(Not enzymes or transport)

CB2 Mitosis, Stem cells and nervous system

CB3 Genetics

CB4 Evolution and GMOs

CB5 Health and disease including CB1 enzymes

CB6 Photosynthesis

CB7 Hormones and homeostasis

CB8 Respiration, exhchange and transport

CB9 Ecology



CC1-2 State of matter and separating substances

CC3 and CC4 Atomic structure and periodic table

CC5-7 Bonding

CC9 Calculations involving masses

CC13-15 Groups in periodic table rates of reaction

CC16-17 Fuels, Earth

CC10-12 Electrolytic processes

CC8 Acids and alkalis


CP5 Em spectrum

CP1 Motion

CP12-13 Particle model and forces matter

CP2 Forces and motion

CP3 Energy

CP6 Radioactivity

CPCP8 Energy - Forces and effects

CP4 WavesCP9 Electric circuits

CP10-11 Electromagnetism and motor effect



More details about the course can be found here


Students can get help with their studies using these websites

1)     BBC Bitesize

https://www.bbc.com/education/examspecs/zqkww6f details of each topic

2)     Pearson active learn

https://pearsonactivelearn.com/app/Home (username and password required, school provide these)

3)     GCSE Pod

https://www.gcsepod.com/ set up an account using your Putteridge high school details

The new GCSE science specification includes a higher level of demand requiring students to:

a)     Recall 20 physics equations from memory.

b)     Understand principles of scientific enquiry through comprehensive knowledge of 18 core practical methods (15% of exam papers)

c)     Apply scientific knowledge to unfamiliar situations (40% of exam papers)

d)     Use mathematics skills (Physics 40%, Chemistry 20% and biology 10%)

Exam Board

For more information on the subject and to review the GCSE specification from the exam board please click here