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Design & Technology

Key Stage 3:

Our approach to the curriculum is to give our students a rigorous, authentic and challenging experience.

In year 7 and 8 students cover three subjects during the school year, experiencing different areas of Art, Design and Technology.

Course subjects include Food and Nutrition, Art Textiles, and Art 3D Design. These disciplines develop students ability to think creatively and to form expressive responses to a range of tasks. Projects are designed to develop skills in creative thought, dexterity, and subject specific techniques and equipment. The course also aims to equip students with the skills to be socially, morally and environmentally aware and solve problems as individuals, in pairs and as team members. During their time in Food and Nutrition, students  learn a variety of practical culinary skills and develop their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of ingredients, equipment, processes, nutrition and current health issues. At the end of year 8 students can choose to study GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, Art and Design: Textiles or Art and Design: 3D.  

At key stage 4 we currently offer AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. In addition, we offer 3 Art and Design courses including 3D Design and textiles. More information on Art and Design 3D and Textiles can be found in the Art section.  

Key Stage 4:

Food Preparation and Nutrition focuses on practical skills, nutrition, food science, where food comes from as well as exploring the dietary needs of different groups and the links between diet and current health issues. Students develop a strong understanding of food as an ingredient and its role in the body. During the three year course, students develop knowledge and skills required to cook exciting, challenging and creative dishes as well as learning new and advanced food preparation skills. The scientific properties of ingredients are taught to enable students to carry out their own food science investigations. 


Food, nutrition and health

Food science

Food safety

Food choices

Food Provenance

Students will experience a range of learning opportunities:

  • Focused practical sessions to develop new technical skills

  • Investigating how different ingredients can enhance and improve products

  • Food tasting to sharpen visual, tasting and sensory skills

  • Experimenting independently and in teams

  • Developing new recipes and menus to solve health and lifestyle challenge

The course includes two non-examination assessments, together work 50% of the overall GCSE.  The first is a practical investigation which includes a written report, and the second involves the students planning, preparing, cooking and presenting three dishes.

There is also a written examination, also worth 50% of the overall GCSE.

Exam Board

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