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Throughout their art journey, students explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to investigate and develop ideas and create artefacts, whilst referencing the work of artists, times and cultures.

Students work from imagination, direct observation and personal experience to develop the skills and knowledge of the visual elements of line, shape, tone, colour, pattern, texture and form in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Key Stage 3

Students explore a range of projects that respond to themes, developing their ability to think creatively and to form expressive responses. Projects are designed to develop skills in creative thought, dexterity, and to refine understanding of the formal elements in visual arts. 

Key Stage 4

3 Art and Design courses are offered at GCSE level:

Art and Design: Art, craft and design

Art and Design: Three-dimensional design

Art and Design Textile Design

The art and design courses each provide students with the opportunity to develop visual skills and to express ideas by working through a variety of projects. There are opportunities to experiment with different media in order to explore individual strengths and preferences. The course content is designed to encourage students to take ownership of the creative process and leads to the development of independent learners.

Exam Board

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