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Covid Catch up Premium Report 2020/2021

In June 2020, the government announced funding to support children and young people to catch up on missed learning caused by coronavirus (COVID19)

Key priorities for Putteridge High School:

Our core aim is to help our students bridge gaps that may have appeared as a result of missing face to face teaching.

We are also committed to ensuring that any social and emotional barriers to learning that may have developed are addressed.

Data Analysis 

In order to gauge the groups most in need of support, we analysed the progress data produced by teachers in December of 2019 and 2021. Although we recognise all cohorts are different, this method allowed us to compare like for like after a full Autumn term of face to face teaching.

Data Findings

The results were very encouraging as the gaps were not as wide as we initially feared. We found some of our SEND students were making less progress than in 2019. We also identified that younger year groups were performing better than older year groups.

As a result, although our strategies will be delivered to all students, we will ensure greater targeted support for:

  • SEND
  • Years 10 and 11

How will the funds be spent?


Expected Impact

Cost (approx.)

Purchase 40 Chromebooks to support home learning for those with no access to a device.

Students are able to work more regularly and effectively at home on tasks aimed at addressing gaps in their learning.


Provide sessions with our Educational Psychologist 

Students with social and emotional barriers to learning are supported to overcome them.


Improve attendance through targeted work of our Educational Welfare Officer

Students and families where attendance is a barriers to learning are supported and assimilated back into school


Increase the number of TAs to support targeted SEND students to access the curriculum in lessons.

SEND students make better progress as a result of targeted support in lessons.


Improve literacy skills through programmes such as Accelerated Reader & Literacy Planet 

Gaps in literacy levels are identified and addressed, leading to improved outcomes in English and other subjects.


Improve numeracy skills through programmes such as Mathswatch & Mathletics

Gaps in numeracy levels are identified and addressed, leading to improved outcomes in maths and other subjects.


Purchase an enhanced suite of tests to determine where their gaps are at individual and cohort level (using GL Assessments).

Teachers can adapt their teaching more appropriately for individuals and groups of learners and that leads to better outcomes.


Enrol targeted year 11 in the National Tutoring Programme for maths.

1 to 3 maths tuition helps those students to make better progress.


Increase the amounts of incentives and rewards on offer to students.

Students are motivated and positive about their learning and make better progress.


Total £57,700


 How will the efficacy and impact of these strategies be assessed?

We will again use the comparable data that helped us to benchmark performance and ascertain which groups of students necessitated the greatest focus. This comparison of levels of student progress will allow us to judge the impact that the strategies we have applied have had on overall student progress.

We will also utilise other data, such as pastoral information on attendance and positive/negative behaviour, to allow us to determine the impact on the social and emotional well-being of our students

Student and staff voice will be utilised to ascertain how effective the strategies have been and to help us adapt or replace those strategies next year as required.