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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Values & Ethos

Our Core Purpose

Putting students first in order to remove barriers to learning

Our Vision

Putteridge High School - First Choice for a Successful First CLASS Future

Our vision is to place Putteridge High School at the very heart of the local community as the focal point for high quality learning, services and opportunities for people of all ages. It is our aim to transform the provision and resulting outcomes for all learners by accelerating the progress of those attending the school. To achieve this goal we will create a fully integrated, diverse and vibrant learning community, with a clear focus on personalised learning and high quality provision underpinned by high expectations and high aspirations. As such, it is our aim to become an outstanding, high performing specialist school that is both highly popular and oversubscribed. We want PHS to be recognised as a centre of excellence for both innovative approaches to learning and also for the quality of its overall provision.

Our diverse and vibrant learning community will be characterised by the following:

1) A strong culture of learning where learning always comes first. All members of our learning community, which includes students, staff, parents and the wider community, will be fully committed to learning and developing their own skills, competencies, knowledge and understanding. We want to establish a true love of learning across the whole of our learning community so that learners are intrinsically motivated to learn and see it as a lifelong process. Our students and other stakeholders will have a clear voice in the development of the culture of learning and the future development and progress of the School.

2) High quality personalised learning, support and provision:

  1. High quality personalised learning:  Our community is entitled to the highest quality teaching and learning in every lesson.
  2. High quality personalised support:  Every student will receive high quality personalised support and guidance throughout their time at the School not only to facilitate their learning progress but also to help them make informed choices matched to their strengths and aspirations.
  • iii) High quality personalised provision:  Our curriculum will ensure that students develop the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the rapidly changing world of the twenty first century. 

3) High expectations and high aspirations:   We believe that every learner has the potential to achieve high levels of success irrespective of their starting point or background. Our School will be a community where every individual really does matter and we expect all learners to succeed and achieve. As such, our learning community will be an inclusive learning environment, providing the range of experiences and support necessary to unlock the potential in every learner. We will help all members of our learning community to build the aspirations necessary and develop the self-belief needed to achieve the best of their ability and be successful in the future.

4) Strong leadership of learning: At Putteridge High School we will have strong leaders of learning at all levels. There will be a culture of self-evaluation and quality assurance to help us identify our priorities, set challenging targets and make the necessary strategic decisions to transform the outcomes for the School. We will also develop leadership skills among our student population to support the culture of learning and ensure that students take responsibility for the learning environment.

5) A commitment to develop strong partnerships for learning: Our learning community will include the development of strong partnerships with other educational institutions, businesses and other organisations, so that we can build the capacity and expand the resources and expertise available in order to meet effectively the needs of every learner.

6) Building social capital and developing high quality community provision:  We will ensure that PHS is at the heart of the local community in terms of the provision of high quality learning opportunities and other services to people of all ages from our local community in order to build skills and develop strong, supportive networks ensuring community cohesion.