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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Teaching Staff

Mrs E Adams Geography
Mr K Ali Maths / Assistant Headteacher
Mr K Ashby PE / Assistant Headteacher
Mr E Barnett Music
Miss L Bartoletti  PE / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Begum Maths
Miss A Bright Dance
Mr M Brookman English - Specialist Leader in Education
Miss E Burke Science - Subject Leader
Mr S Choudry Business - Subject Leader
Ms A Cooper Science
Mr R Cruise Maths / Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Dagley Unqualified Teacher of English (Mat cover)
Mr N Day Maths
Miss V Dautovic-Parkar Science
Miss E Doult Geography & Head of House
Mrs C Finch Science - Second in Department
Mr S Foulkes RE / PSHCE
Mrs M Fulcher SENCO
Mr E Gayle PE & Head of House
Miss S Gil Spanish
Mrs D Gilsenan Art & Design - Subject Leader
Mr T Golds Drama - Subject Leader
Mr J Habimana Maths
Mrs A Haine Health and Social Care - Subject Leader
Mrs V Hamilton-Reay English Subject Leader
Miss H Hayes PE / Head of Year 10
Ms C Heartfield Media Studies - Subject Leader
Mr J Heath Drama / Deputy Headteacher 
Mr J Hussain Maths
Miss K Herriott Food & Nutrition - Subject Leader
Mrs M James Science / Head of Year 8
Mr S James ICT & Computing – Subject Leader
Ms S Joseph Science
Mrs J Kader English & Head of House
Mrs K Karim Teacher of Computing
Miss A Kelly History / Head of Year 7
Mrs M Khan Maths - Specialist Leader in Education
Miss S Khatun English - Specialist Leader in Education
Miss T Mahar Science
Miss K Minet French (Maternity Leave)
Mrs C Missonnet French - Second in Department
Mrs A Mohamad English  (Maternity Leave)
Mrs C Montague English
Miss S Nadeem History
Mrs L Nicholl PE & Head of House
Miss E Oliver Teacher of Science
Mr M Pallett Technology / Head of Year 9
Miss E Pearson Art  (Maternity Leave)
Mr G Pettengell Geography
Mr B Poslad Science
Mr M Rahman Business
Miss B Robinson English
Miss C Room Geography - Subject leader
Miss S Rukshanara Maths
Mr A Ryan PE - Subject Leader
Mrs H Scholes MFL - Subject Leader
Miss E Scott English - 2nd in Department
Mrs K Senior RE / History / Deputy Headteacher
Mr Z Shah English
Miss E Southerington Head of Maths / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Stanyer Art & Design / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Thomas Head of Year 8 / Teacher of Science
Mrs C Turnbull History - Subject Leader
Mr M Wakley Music - Subject Leader
Mrs C Wheeler Science
Miss M Winter PE

Teaching Staff Email addresses are initial then surname @putteridgehigh.org e.g. jbloggs@putteridgehigh.org