Comenius Project

The Comenius project took place between September 2013 and June 2015. Following a lengthy application process, we were very fortunate to have been awarded €25 000 of European Union funding. This enabled us to undertake many exciting activities, which included taking students over to France and Germany on several occasions. We also received our French and German guests on 5 day long visits. We were very proud of the international relationships that have been established between staff and students from all three schools.

The experience has been invaluable and we were unfortunately unsuccessful in our 2016 - 2018 bid for funding. However, we are continuing our relationship with the French and German schools with various trips in the coming year.

The last project was based on the Max Frisch play 'Andorra', in which a boy, who is not a Jew, is perceived by society to be a Jew, and so is treated like one. Our whole theme was about removing the barriers between 'us' and 'them', focussing on migration and immigration.

The first year resulted in the production of a trilingual magazine that contained information about migration and immigration is our three towns: Luton, Belley (near Lyon) and Niedernhausern (near Frankfurt am Main). Students presented stories of immigration from local residents alongside other forms of information, such as, cartoons, artwork, graphs and statistics.

The second year explored dramatic representations of the same theme and resulted in a public performance in Germany in June 2015. We were very proud of the students, who put so much effort into their performances and fully embraced the whole theme.

What has the Comenius project done for our students?

"I now know more about French and German cultures and my speaking skills have improved."

Reece Payne

"In my future I would like to talk to all my French and German friends."

Karan Gohel

"The project has made me want to go back to Germany and visit France for the first time."

Zack Boutwood

"I have learnt to accept everyone even though they are different. I have also learnt a little bit of French and German."

Harry Dodd

"[I have learnt] that I am resilient and now enjoy meeting new people. I have learnt how to get my points across even if I cannot speak the language. Also I have a wider knowledge of culture."

Rebekah Savill

"I expected the project to build new friends as well as learn about different countries and their way of life...I will go to Germany and France and I will hopefully see/keep in touch with the people I have met."

Allanah Rogers

Staff involved: Mrs Line, Mr Line, Miss Haine, Mrs Jankiewicz, Miss Wilson, Miss Parker, Miss Pack, Mr Jackman, Miss Rowe.