2019 GCSE Examinations

As we are in the last week before the summer examinations start, I wanted to share with you the slight changes to intervention that will occur once they begin as well as some advice for the coming weeks.

When your child has a morning exam - the after school intervention session the day before it will be given to the subject area in which they are being examined. For example, there is a PE GCSE examination at 9am on the 15th of May so this means that those students who take PE GCSE will go to an intervention session in PE rather than attend their usual intervention. If your child does not have a morning examination then nothing changes and they should continue to attend their regular interventions after school.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to strike a balance between making sure that your child is supported during these next few weeks and encouraging them to put the hours needed to succeed into their revision. Part-time jobs, social events and the like should take a back seat at this time and they should be doing at least two hours of revision a night (broken into 30 minute chunks with breaks between).

If you are worried about how to support them during this time the Young Minds website offers the following advice:

1.     Work with your child to find what revision style works for them.

2.     Encourage your child to take revision breaks and find a balance between studying and doing things they find enjoyable and relaxing.

3.     Make sure they are eating and drinking at regular intervals.

4.     Encourage them to take some time after revising to wind down.

5.     Reassure them – reinforce that you are and will be proud of them no matter what happens.

6.     Remain positive and hopeful!

7.     Plan a treat or an activity together to mark the end of the exams.

8.     Set aside one to one time so that they can talk to you about any worries.

9.     Let them know their feelings are valid and normal, but also offer support and solutions where possible.

10.   Anxiety is often worst at night and this means it is useful to encourage good bedtime routine

I think the best two tips in that list are the ones about their diet and their sleep - they need to be properly fueled and rested if they are to perform at their best. Eating proper meals, cutting out the sugar and getting to sleep at a reasonable hour will all help massively. It is also important not to underestimate the power of being positive - tell them they are great and they will be!

Please visit our Examinations page within our Information section for the full 2019 exam timetable and practical tips for those who are fasting during Ramadan.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for your support and wish all our year 11s the success that their hard work deserves.

John Linehan

Deputy Headteacher