School Meals

The school diner has a wide variety of food on offer during break times and lunch times.

Log in codes will be given directly to students for access from home.

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Cashless Catering 

Payments can either be made online or there are two devices within school for money to be paid directly onto the system. The cost of a complete meal is £2.30.

Using Tucasi

To make a payment online please log in to your accoung using the link below: 

For more information please visit:

Any queries, please contact the Kitchen Manager on: 01582 745918.

What is Cashless Catering?

It is a unique system which allows parents and carers to prepay for student meals.  It allows you to pay in instalments to suit you and gives you confidence that students no longer need to carry money around school.

Cashless Catering is a completely confidential system for parents, carers and students giving them peace of mind when wanting to buy school meals.

Why Cashless Catering?

Cashless Catering is generally the more convenient way to purchase food.

A cashless system enables food to be served more efficiently, keeping queues to a minimum and giving students more time during the lunch break.

Gives you the confidence that your child  can have a pre-paid meal at lunch time and you can check that they are spending your money on appropriate food items.

Students in receipt of free school meals use the same system and no one needs to know where the money on the account comes from.

A cashless system can help promote healthy eating. Parents and carers can view historic transactions, account statements, meal choices, new items for payment and even the school menu.

How Biometric Works

Cashless Catering using the biometric system uses a unique pin number system created from scanning the user’s index finger. The scanned image is converted into a unique number. This information is stored confidentially and cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes. 

Once the account is set up, the finger scan is discarded and only leaves a number trace.

Students can then offer to pay for their meals by placing their finger on the scanner which authenticates the user and debits the account appropriately.  This is convenient as students are unlikely to lose their finger. 





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