Key Stage 3

Students will study a range of musical styles through performing – both through singing and instrumental work, composing and listening.  Students will be taught musical notation and fundamental theory.  Students are encouraged to perform using their own instrument where appropriate.  Students will reflect on how music relates to cultures around the world; traditional music, classical music and popular music styles.

Key Stage 4

From Year 9, students will study at GCSE level.  They will perform, compose and listen to music.  Students will master performance pieces either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble.  Students will learn to perfect rehearsal technique and the importance of presenting music to an audience.

Students will compose music – learning musical form, creating texture and musical effect.  They will have the option to use music software or creating a piece using chord symbols, lyrics, parts in note form.  Students will study musical genre and how to analyse a piece of music

Creating interest in music

We encourage interest in music by:

  • offering practice rooms available to students during lessons and a lunchtime booking system to practise together and develop their love of music;
  • offering a range of individual and group lessons from our visiting peripatetic teachers (termly charge).  Students can currently learn drums, guitar, piano, string, trumpet & vocals. If a student wishes to learn an instrument that isn't on the list, this can be requested and can potentially be arranged, depending on numbers and availability.
  • taking opportunities to showcase our students’ performance skills;
  • participating in extra curricular groups – Putteridge singers and Putteridge Band
  • involvement in school productions.

Exam Board

For more information on the subject and to review the BTEC specification from the exam board please click here.