Key Stage 3

Students study various music genres throughout Year 7 and 8, learning how to be creative and experimental with sound, rhythm and instrumentation. 

Key Stage 4

From Year 9, students can choose to study GCSE Music with three lessons per week, taking every opportunity to develop performance and composition skills.  Students also learn about key shifts in music history, studying musical periods from the classical era to 20th century, and musical genres, such as electric counterpoint, world music and popular song-writing.

Creating interest in music

We encourage interest in music by:

  • offering practice rooms available to students during lessons and lunchtimes to practise together and develop their love of music;
  • offering a range of individual and group lessons from our visiting peripatetic teachers (termly charge).  Students can currently learn flute, saxophone, drums, guitar, piano, euphonium, trumpet, violin and cello;
  • taking opportunities to showcase our students’ performance skills;
  • developing musical groups, such as, choir;
  • involvement in school productions.