It is the aim of the History department to encourage an interest in the past and to do so in as enjoyable a manner as possible. At Putteridge the History department strives to help students of all abilities to develop history specific abilities whilst acquiring historical knowledge. The subject promotes speaking and writing skills by supporting students to create and defend arguments and also teaches the students to think critically about evidence through source analysis and evaluation. The department firmly believes that these are skills which can be applied to other subjects and abilities which students will be able to apply in their later life.

Key Stage 3

We run a two-year condensed Key Stage 3 course with an exciting new curriculum, where students have the opportunity to develop the historical skills necessary to continue with the subject at GCSE.

Students study history for two periods per week during Key Stage 3.

During Key Stage 3 students investigate historical enquiries with units including Medieval Realms, the Tudors and Stuarts, the Industrial Revolution, Empire and the abolition of the Slave Trade, and aspects of the 20th century including the Holocaust.

The above enquires have been developed to allow students to gain an understanding of the key history concepts: Causation, Change and Continuity, Significance, Source Enquiry, Chronology and Interpretation.

Assessment at Key Stage 3 has been designed to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of each of the key concepts. Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their progress for each individual historical concept.

The department is firmly committed to enrichment activities and has run a number of successful trips to the World War One battlefields. We look forward to continuing to offer this rewarding trip. 

Battlefield visit: For information for Parents - Click Here

Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 students currently follow the Edexcel History B (SHP) course. Students study history for 3 periods per week during Key Stage 4. We complete the following options for each unit:


Percentage of GCSE marks

Unit 1- Medicine and public health in Britain.

External examination: This unit focuses on change and continuity over time and is assessed by a variety of essay style questions. Spelling, punctuation and grammar is assessed in question 6 or 7


Unit 2 – A specific Depth study

External examination: This unit focuses on a key period in depth. Students need to understand the reactions of groups and individuals to the rapid changes in the society being studied.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in questions 5 and 6


Unit 3 – The Transformation of Surgery

External examination: This unit focuses on students’ ability to analyse and evaluate sources.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in question 5.


Unit -4 Controlled Assessment

This compromises of an independent student enquiry with a detailed written response.

This will be followed by a detailed analysis of representations of history.