Health and Social Care

Health and Social care is an ideal subject for those considering working within the care sector. Within Health and Social care students are taught to understand how to communicate with, and care for service users, ranging from children to the elderly. 

A GCSE in Health and Social Care offers the opportunity of progressing onto AS/A-Level Health and Social Care. Alternatively the subject might offer employment in nursery nursing, social work, care assistant work and working with children.

KS4 – Years 9,10 and 11

We follow the OCR GCSE Health and Social Care single award specification. Students will study two units:

Unit 1 – Understanding personal development and relationships. This unit is externally assessed as an examination worth 40% of the final GCSE and consists of four main topics;

  • The stages and pattern of human growth and development
  • The different factors that can affect human growth and development
  • The development of self concept and different types of relationships
  • Major life changes and sources of support

Unit 2 – Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision. This unit is an internally assessed controlled assessment worth 60% of the final GCSE and consists of five sections;

  • The range of care needs of major client groups
  • The ways people can obtain services and the possible barriers that could prevent people from gaining access to services
  • The types of services that exist to meet client group needs and how they are organised
  • The principles of care that underpin all care work
  • The main work roles and skills of people who provide health, social care, and early years services