The Geography department is a small but growing department which offers students the opportunity to learn about the world they live in.

Key Stage 3

The Geography Department offers a relevant and up to date range of topics throughout the two year KS3 course, which provides students with a sound understanding for their KS4 studies.  The course covers a range of human, physical, environmental and economic geography topics; ensuring students have a breadth of subject knowledge.

A variety of countries, continents and places are studied throughout the two years, building up students’ knowledge of the world they live in.  Students’ geographical and literacy skills are developed throughout the course.

Topics covered throughout the two years include:

  • The Economic Development of China
  • The Continent of Africa
  • Migration from EU countries
  • A country Study of Russia
  • The Swanage Coastline
  • European Weather and Climate

Key Stage 4

The Geography Department follows the OCR Geography B syllabus which offers a mix of traditional geographical skills alongside up to date decision making.  The course covers four Key Themes:

  • Population and Settlement
  • Rivers and Coasts
  • Natural Hazards
  • Economic Geography

Within each theme the course covers a mix of theory such as the Demographic Transition Model or Longshore Drift, alongside up to date Case Studies which give real examples within the world.  This includes a range of local and global studies such as the Haiti Earthquake, Drought in the Sahel, Flood Management in Boscastle and the Development of the London Olympic site.

A wide range of skills developed throughout the course including OS map skills, atlas skills, data collection techniques, data interpretation and data presentation.

Key stage 4 geography involves a compulsory visit to the coast.