At Putteridge High School Art Department we aim to motivate and encourage each child to think and work in an individualistic, imaginative and constructive manner. Art department staff at Putteridge High School have high expectations of behaviour, effort and standards of work, and the staff encourage students to work hard and to do the very best they can.

Our department currently comprises of 3 full time art teachers and an art technician.  The staff in the department are passionate about the subject and offer a broad range of artistic skills and experience which translates directly into the set projects across all year groups.

We continue to develop and maintain a safe, exciting and stimulating working environment and positive climate for learning for students and staff alike. Projects at Putteridge High School are designed to be enjoyable and accessible for all students, providing a quality experience that can be life enhancing and enriching.

At Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 Art is a compulsory subject and students receive a double lesson a week.  Students are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of art, craft and design-based activities through a selection of varied, exciting and challenging projects. 

All students are taught to work skilfully with an extensive selection of materials and by the end of Key Stage 3 will have an understanding of drawing, painting, printing, graphic design, collage, ceramics, mixed media work and photography.  Students are given the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively.

At Key Stage 4

In Years 9, 10 and 11, art is optional and students can follow our GCSE AQA course in Art and Design.  The course offers a variety of experiences in all art, craft and design practices. Students receive three lessons of GCSE Art and Design every week and have the opportunity to work with a range of materials that our department has to offer them.    

At the end of the two-year Art and Design course, students are given the opportunity to display their work in a public exhibition and we believe that this gives them a great and invaluable sense of pride and is good practice for those choosing to study Art & Design at a higher education level.

This is an extremely popular subject at Key Stage 4 and can be proven to enhance a student’s GCSE curriculum by enabling them to study a varied, challenging and rewarding timetable.

Exam Board

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