Teaching Staff

Mrs E Adams Geography
Mrs Em Adams Science - Subject Leader
Mr K Ashby PE / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Assennato English
Miss L Bartoletti  PE / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Brooks PE / Head of House
Mrs L Bradley French
Ms A Cooper Science
Mrs N Cotton Art - Specialist Leader in Education
Mr N Day Maths
Mr U Faruk Business Studies- Subject Leader / Head of House
Mrs Finch Science - Second in Department
Miss S Freebourne Maths - Specialist Leader in Education
Mrs M Fulcher Art, Design & Technology - Subject Leader
Mrs S Ghaboos-Owodally Maths - Subject Leader
Mrs M Gilmour Geography / History 
Miss M Goldspink RE
Mrs A Haine Computing / Health and Social Care - Subject Leader
Mrs V Hamilton-Reay English & EAL Subject Leader
Ms C Heartfield English / Acting Associate Assistant Headteacher Pastoral 
Ms L Heartfield Computing
Mr J Heath Drama / Assistant Headteacher - SENCO
Mrs N Hickton English / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Miss J Holley (Maternity leave) Drama - Subject Leader
Miss S Hossain Art
Miss C Hull English
Miss A Ilyas Science
Ms S Islam [maternity leave] Geography - Specialist Leader in Education
Ms K Jablonska English 
Mr F Jackman History – Subject Leader
Mrs M James Science - Specialist Leader in Education
Mr S James ICT & Computing – Subject Leader
Mrs M Khan Maths - Specialist Leader in Education
Mrs H Line German / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Linehan English / Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Missonnet French - MFL Lead
Mr S Mlambo Maths
Mrs C Montague English
Mrs L Nicholl PE 
Miss R Pack Geography – Subject Leader / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Page-Streeton Geography
Miss S Parker Media - Subject Leader
Mrs K Rockey PE / Head of House
Ms J Roser-Hawkins Maths
Mr N Roula Maths
Mr A Ryan PE - Subject Leader
Mrs K Senior History / Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Stanyer Art & Design / Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Stott Science
Mrs C Turnbull History
Miss L Want Music - Subject Leader
Mrs C Wheeler Science

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