House & Year System

Our School 

Every student who comes to Putteridge High School is a valued member of the school community. We welcome and pride ourselves on a diverse range of talent, skills, characteristics and high aspirations. We encourage excellence in everything we do and aim to develop First Class students through our broad and structured curriculum, extensive extra-curricular activities and of course, our House and Year system. We promote development of skills outside of the classroom and encourage and embed a healthy hunger for competition within our school family. 

Year Groups 

Each student belongs to a form group with students from the same year. This enables a strong and focused form time curriculum to be delivered based around Citizenship, Well-being and Current Affairs. Each year group will have a Head of Year and Pastoral Leader guiding them through their school journey, supporting and encouraging their pursuit of excellence and above all, monitoring and supporting their well-being. Every member of staff in the school is responsible for fostering integrity, confidence, resilience, creativity, good manners and sensitivity to others within our students. 

House System 

Our year group structure runs alongside our House system. There are four Houses and each student belongs to a House. Each House forms a small community of its own led by two key members of the Pastoral Team providing another layer of support in our pursuit of excellence and developing First Class students. Through this arrangement every young person is encouraged to participate in House competitions ranging from academic to sporting as well as the Arts. At the end of each year we celebrate House accomplishment and success by awarding the highest scoring House with the prestigious House Cup. 

You can view more information about the houses by clicking on them below:

Blue House  Green House  Red House Yellow House


We will be moving to a Year Group System from September 2020, further information to follow soon!